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Dog Panting Excessively? What May Be The Problem

Your dog is going to pant here and there every single day, but when they are panting excessively, it may be an issue. Your dog may be panting to keep themselves cool, or they may be panting because they have a stomach issue. They may also be panting because they're running a fever. No matter what though, if they are panting and it's excessive, it needs to be investigated. Your dog could potentially have a medical issue that needs to be treated. Read on for a few things that may be the issue and what you should do.

Stomach Issue

If your dog got into something that they shouldn't have, such as ate something that isn't agreeing with their stomach or they ate something and it's causing them some stomach discomfort, you should be sure to take your dog outside as much as possible to relieve themselves. If your dog got into something, you need to take note of what they got into or what they had been eating just in case they are having an adverse reaction to it and are going to need medical treatment. Your dog's veterinarian is going to need to know this information. Be sure to take the information with you to the veterinarian in the event you take them to the vet.

Your Dog Is Running A Fever

If your dog is running a fever, they may be panting in order to help cool themselves down. If they are running a fever, you can check by feeling inside their ears or behind their legs. They will feel very warm to the touch, and it may even feel like these areas are swollen. If your dog is running a fever, you should take them to the veterinarian for a checkup and exam, and for any treatment necessary. Your dog could have something else wrong that is causing the fever and should be treated appropriately.

Your Dog Has Heat Stroke

If it's the middle of summer, it's hot outside, and your dog has been out running around, they could potentially have heat stroke. If your dog is panting excessively and having a hard time getting cooled down, get them inside to somewhere cool and give them water a little bit at a time to get them to relax and to cool them down. You can also use ice packs on the backs of their legs, behind their neck, on their paw pads, and on their belly to cool them down as well. If they continue panting and are throwing up as well, you need to take them to the veterinarian for treatment.

Your dog's panting should be monitored and if they don't calm themselves down and continue to pant, get them to the veterinarian for a thorough checkup and for treatment.

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