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When Is Boarding Better Than A Pet Sitter For Your Dog?

As a dog owner, there are inevitably times when you will need to have someone else care for your pup. Whether you're traveling for work or a family emergency, you may not be able to take your dog with you. That's when you need to decide between hiring a pet sitter or taking your dog to a boarding facility. Here's a look at some of the times when a boarding facility is the best option for your pup.

You Have A Puppy

Young puppies need more frequent feeding, more frequent bathroom trips, a lot of exercise, and frequent interaction. A pet sitter will typically visit a couple of times per day, but that usually isn't enough for a young puppy. You'll want to consider a boarding facility instead so that your puppy can get the frequent attention and care that is needed at this young stage of growth. Your pup will be fed on the proper schedule, taken out to relieve themself as frequently as is needed, and given the activity and social interaction needed.

Your Dog Has A Medical Condition

If you have a dog with a medical condition, such as diabetes, your pup will need careful attention, medication, and strict care. It's best to consider a boarding facility for a dog like this so that you can be assured of proper medical care, timely medication dosing, and access to a veterinarian quickly and easily in the event of any potential medical problems. 

You won't have this same kind of attentive care with a pet sitter because they are usually only at your house a couple of times a day to take your pup outside and for feedings. For medically needy pets, this simply isn't sufficient.

Your Dog Has Separation Anxiety

Separation anxiety is a very real condition with dogs. If your dog is one of those animals that's afflicted with this condition, you leaving for any period of time can be a serious problem for your pup. A pet sitter isn't going to give your dog enough attention and company to help calm an anxiety condition.

For dogs with separation anxiety, you'll need a boarding facility. This ensures that your dog has company and comfort as needed while you are gone and is never truly alone, especially with other animals at the facility. You won't have to worry about destructive behaviors that may be caused by the anxiety, and you can be confident that your pup is calm and comfortable.

Talk with a local pet boarding service today to find the right boarding option for your dog when you need it.