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Why Your New Puppy Needs To Go To The Groomer

When you bring a new puppy home, it's a good idea to start going to a groomer right away. Make pet grooming as essential as seeing a veterinarian. Grooming is good for the appearance of your pet as well as your pet's health. All breeds need regular grooming, and grooming is essential for puppies with long hair. Here's why pet grooming is so important for puppies and older dogs.

Grooming Gets Rid Of Hair Mats

Hair mats can be painful for your puppy since the hairs get twisted and knotted together. This causes the hairs to pull and pinch the skin. Plus, fleas may hang out in a hair mat, and that can cause itching and discomfort. If you keep up with brushing your pet at home, you can often prevent hair mats.

An added benefit of brushing your puppy frequently is that they'll get used to the sensation and being handled so they have an easier time at the pet groomer. If your puppy develops hair mats, take them to a groomer without delay so the mats can be shaved or cut out.

Skin Problems Can Be Identified

Another reason for your puppy to be groomed is so the groomer can find skin problems that you haven't noticed. Your dog might have ticks, skin allergies, or suspicious bumps that a vet should check out. When a groomer washes and blows your dog's hair, they can see and feel abnormalities in your puppy's skin that you should know about.

Toenails Are Trimmed

Toenails that are too long can be troublesome for your puppy. If you feel uncomfortable trimming your dog's nails, then be sure to see a groomer on schedule. When nails get long, they can split and get caught on blankets and other fabrics. Plus, your dog may have difficulty walking on certain types of flooring with long nails. Your dog might even scratch wood flooring when their nails are too long, so keeping them trimmed is important.

You may hate the thought of taking your puppy to a groomer since you don't want to stress your puppy out. However, starting regular grooming as a puppy helps your dog tolerate the grooming sessions much easier once your dog is older.

Ask the groomer about the right frequency for grooming, and follow their advice. Having frequent pet grooming sessions is probably easier on your dog than spacing them months apart because your dog gets used to getting washed and handled more easily when going to the groomer becomes familiar.