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Schedule A Visit To The Vet Immediately After Adopting A Puppy

After adopting a puppy, it's vital for you to make plans to visit the vet. Visiting a vet clinic soon after adopting a puppy can give you valuable information about the proper care and steps to take as your puppy gets older.

If you've been unsure of what to ask when meeting with a vet for your puppy's first exam, consider the following questions and the benefits of prioritizing a vet visit. 

Choose the Right Diet

It can be tough to find the ideal diet for your puppy, especially when they're young enough where they were weaned recently. Instead of feeding your puppy whatever they were eating at a shelter or their previous home, it's wise to speak to your vet. Depending on your puppy's activity level, breed, and health concerns, your vet may have specific recommendations for the ideal diet. 

From dry kibble to wet or a combination of both, visiting the vet can give you valuable insight into what food will be best. Your vet will also be able to tell you how much food you should be feeding your puppy and when to increase their portions. 

Schedule Shots

Your puppy will need several sets of vaccinations spaced out as recommended by your vet. In some cases, these vaccinations can be required before your puppy is able to go on walks or meet with other dogs. Instead of delaying any important shots, your vet can help create a plan for what vaccinations they need and when to have them done by. 

With a schedule for shots to follow, your puppy will be in good hands and you won't have any concerns over staying on track with when these essential vaccinations should be done. 

Discuss Milestones

Depending on the age of your puppy, you may have a lot of questions regarding their growth. From regular weigh-ins to their puppy teeth falling out, there are many milestones that you'll want to make sure your puppy is meeting. By meeting with your vet, you can avoid any confusion about your puppy's growth and if there any concerns to be aware of. 

Finding a vet to bring your puppy to can help you better understand how to take care of your dog as they grow up. Instead of delaying a visit and running into preventable health problems, the above benefits of visiting the vet can help you feel much better about scheduling an appointment for your puppy. For more information, reach out to local veterinarians.