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Common Warning Signs Of Feline Glaucoma

If you own a cat, one of the areas that you'll have to periodically check as the pet ages is its eyes. Cats can develop various eye ailments at any point in life, but these issues can be particularly common in older cats. One eye condition that a lot of cats develop is glaucoma, which is also an issue that humans can get. Your veterinarian will notice any warning signs of glaucoma when it sees your cat during its regular check-ups, but you may notice that something looks amiss in the months between these appointments. If so, you can arrange to get the cat in to see the vet. Here are some warning signs of feline glaucoma.


A cat's eye that is developing glaucoma will go through some changes that are often evident to people. One change that you may see is a cloudy appearance in the eye. The degree of cloudiness will vary based on how advanced the glaucoma is. It will be mild in a newer case, but more noticeable in a case that is advanced. The cloudiness will often be easier to spot in certain environments. For example, you might have trouble seeing it in a dark room, but find that it's more visible when the cat is in a room with a good source of natural light.

Watering And Discharge

A cat that is suffering from feline glaucoma will often experience watering and discharge from the affected eye. It's possible for a cat's eyes to water a slight amount for various reasons, including some that aren't particularly serious. If you notice a lot of watering, however, or you're aware of discharge that is light yellow in color, this can often be a warning sign of a problem such as glaucoma.

Indicators Of Pain

Cats that have feline glaucoma in one of their eyes can often experience some level of pain. It's important to always be aware of your cat's behavior, as certain behavioral changes can often indicate pain. In the case of pain from glaucoma, you may notice that your cat is rubbing its eyes with its paws more than usual. Pain can also cause your cat to be more withdrawn; if it often enjoys cuddling with family members, you may notice that it tends to stay away from you and your children. If you've seen signs that you believe could be associated with feline glaucoma, make a veterinary appointment with a company such as Angel Pet Hospital.