About Aquasoft Herts

About Aquasoft Herts AquaSoft Herts was established in 1998 as the EcoWater Systems Ltd approved dealer for Hertfordshire. Since then, the business additionally covers areas in both North London and Middlesex.

The regular product range has been extended to offer several other brands such as Crown, MiniMax and Nu Wave softeners. However, if there is a specific product outside this range which is required, it is normally perfectly possible for this to be obtained.

Ian Cox has run his own plumbing and heating business for some thirty years and as well as domestic installations has undertaken quality installations in many different locations such as 17th century homes; split level mansions without direct drainage; to large golf clubs and commercial customers such as launderettes, dry cleaners and other businesses with a need for soft water in their production process.

Ian is firmly committed to supplying the EcoWater range of water treatment equipment and confidently recommends it as representing the best quality and value available in the market.