Minimax M2 Systems

Minimax m2 water softeners The Minimax M2 is not only a fantastic british made machine but it is also non electric which means that all you need to do is make sure that the system has salt inside.

This system gives you constant soft water and unlike the traditional electrical equivalents, uses less salt.

Convenient Block Salt Systems

This is more convenient to handle than salt tablets.

Compact Design

Its compact design means it will often fit under your kitchen sink. This is achieved by having two shorter cylinders instead of one tall one and using salt blocks.

Twin Cylinders

Twin cylinders regenerate on demand with one in service and the other quickly returning to take over when required.

High Flow Capacity

High flow capability is becoming more and more necessary in modern homes or older homes that have been replumbed with megaflow cylinders or combination boilers. The M2 has been specifically designed with this in mind.

Displacement Meter Controls

Displacement meter controls enable the M2 to regenerate with pinpoint accuracy, even with varying flow rates. This accuracy gives the M2 a massive advantage over other paddle wheel meter designs and means it can cope with both gravity and direct plumbing systems. There is no need to buy another machine when you move house.

Five Year Guarantee

The M2 comes with a five year parts guarantee.

Exterior Cabinet

Should it be required, there is a neat exterior cabinet as shown in the illustration.

Special Features