• Eliminate limescale at your home or work

  • Reduce your energy bills by up to 20%

  • Enjoy the many benefits of soft water

  • Improve the taste of your drinking water

Domestic Services

The team at Aqua Soft have been seeing the results of hard water use for many years. Kettles that constantly fur up, irons that develop huge white patches on the base or blocked jets have been a problem for a great deal of clients. Aqua Soft provides a domestic water softening system that works simply and easily for all our clients.

We Can Offer:

Commercial Services

There is so much benefit from softening water in commercial establishments that until recently this was the bulk of our water softening projects. Launderettes wanted to limit limescale production and keep machinery in tip-top condition, health centres wanted to provide silky, soft showers and Aqua Soft have installed commercial water softeners for many commercial clients.

We Provide: