The Veterinary Profession Is Full of Love

The Veterinary Profession Is Full of Love

4 Types of Canine Medical Conditions That Can Involve ER Vet Visits

Thankfully, emergency rooms are available for animals just the same as they are available for humans. Here is a look at four medical conditions that can involve ER vet visits for your dog.  Canine von Willebrand's Disease Canine von Willebrand's Disease is a dangerous condition in which the dog does not have enough platelets in their blood. Pl

Three Ways You Can Protect Your Pup From Ticks

If you're like most dog owners, you truly enjoy spending time outdoors with your furry friend — and now that spring is finally in full swing, you're probably getting outdoors as often as you can. However, the natural world isn't without its dangers, and one of the major ones where dogs are concerned is ticks. Even though ticks can be active during the winter in areas

What To Do If Your Dog Is Attacked

You do your best to keep your pet safe and out of trouble. Unfortunately, you can't control other animals. Wild animals are unpredictable, and they can badly harm pets. Even other people's pets can cause significant damage. If your dog is attacked by another dog or a wild animal, you'll need to take quick action to help them. Here are four things you should do if your

4 Reasons Your Cat May Need A Dentist

Cats can face dental problems too. When they do, they need the services of a cat dentist. Cat dentists are veterinarians who specialize in feline oral health. Here are four reasons your cat may need to go to the dentist: 1. Broken Teeth Broken teeth aren't a very common problem, but cats can injure themselves biting particularly hard objects or foods. Older cats with