The Veterinary Profession Is Full of Love

The Veterinary Profession Is Full of Love

Tips For Safely Taking An Aggressive Dog To The Vet

All dogs, even the most aggressive ones, need regular vet care to keep them in good health. However, taking an aggressive dog to the vet can pose some risks, both to you as the owner and to the veterinary clinic staff. This does not mean you should not bring the dog to the vet, but it does mean you need to take a few extra steps and precautions when you do so.

Keys to Becoming a Veterinarian

The world is filled with many pets in desperate need of help. That gives people an opportunity to pursue a career as a veterinarian to help these animals in need. If you're serious about this career path, take these steps as a way to fast-track your development in this field. Make Sure You're Good with People Too Although helping pets out is what you'll primarily be d

When Is Boarding Better Than A Pet Sitter For Your Dog?

As a dog owner, there are inevitably times when you will need to have someone else care for your pup. Whether you're traveling for work or a family emergency, you may not be able to take your dog with you. That's when you need to decide between hiring a pet sitter or taking your dog to a boarding facility. Here's a look at some of the times when a boarding facility is

Dog Panting Excessively? What May Be The Problem

Your dog is going to pant here and there every single day, but when they are panting excessively, it may be an issue. Your dog may be panting to keep themselves cool, or they may be panting because they have a stomach issue. They may also be panting because they're running a fever. No matter what though, if they are panting and it's excessive, it needs to be investiga

How To Know When Dog Vomiting Requires Veterinary Care

Many dogs will vomit from time to time if they eat too fast or consume something that does not agree with their stomachs. In these situations, vomiting usually is not something to worry about and can successfully be managed at home. However, vomiting can sometimes indicate a more serious issue and needs to be addressed immediately. Here are a few signs that your dog's